Sunday, September 12, 2010

Music will inspire you

It's been a week that I'm seek and I've been throuhg this "I'll never feel better again" phase. I'm starting to get better thanks to penicillin, my caring new friends and a muse jacket. A week end out of the crazy sorority life and college parties was more than necessary.

While I'm in my new room in Sanford doing some homework, I listen "Things We Love To Do" and "Happiness Alone". Chicago is so far but I had a great time this summer. I have listened Darrick Thompson album so much that I know by heart most of the songs. I have this only CD, "I was an Aeroplane", on my shelf in the middle of all those the school book, between sociology and english composition. This past week I spend a lot of time in my bed and that's where my relationship with my ipod started, he became my best friend and keept me from feeling lonely and Darrick's songs remind me my time in Chicago. As much as I love it here in Georgia, I think Chicago is a place where I could live in someday.

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