Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Germany / France (Alsace)

After exploring Germany and Alsace (France), we are leaving for Paris tomorrow !
We will spend five days in Paris, then going to Grenoble by train and finally Milan by bus.

While in Germany we went to Baden-Baden and in France we explored Strasbourg, ate gelato, made crepes, went to a vineyard and a wine tasting.

Here is a list of places we plan to visit in Paris:
_ Arc de Triomphe
_ Tour Eiffel
_ Versailles
_ Les Champs Elysées
_ Le Louvre
_ La Conciergerie
_ Montmartre
_ Le Sacré Coeur
_ Notre-Dame-de-Paris
_ La Défense
_ Le Centre Georges Pompidou
_ Le Palais de Tokyo
 and many more places ....

we also plan to go see "The Great Gatsby" and meet up with a lot of my friends.

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