Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It's not just a good day, it's a good life...

"Look at the bigger picture", we heard that all the time, but how little we apply this great advice. We complain a lot in our everyday life, I complain a lot, but I saw that college helped me to look at the bigger picture, to be happy because I am chasing my dream.

Even on a rainy day in Milledgeville with wet feet and not enough sleep, I would not trade this life.
I am currently 70 days and 18 hours away from stepping in a European airport and I have never been so excited to see the Old Continent but I will get the best of my days left in America.

PS: If you read that blog please leave comment on what you would like to hear about (american tradition, college admission, visa, life as a foreign student in America, Go Campus, Calvin Thomas) and which language you would rather me writing in.


  1. I read it and even though I can understand both, I probably like English better. :) nice job

  2. Thanks ! it makes me happy to know people actually come and read this blog.