Thursday, March 14, 2013

The AFTER diet.

I have to admit it, I though the diet was going to be the hardest but really the after diet is not easy. I felt a bit lost after three days of only eating what a paper printed from a blog tells me, I just had no idea how I was suppose to feed myself.

But, I kept eating pretty healthy, still  have not drink any soda. I had a huge diner at Olive Garden that I did regret, and I also had some Krystal food (never again). After three days of only eating a bit of food do not binge eat after, or eat very  greasy food, your stomach will hurt badly, I found out the hard way.

Finally still feel the result of this diet, I might even do it again sometimes this summer.

------------------------------NEXT DIET TO COME------------------------------ 

the "Five-a-day diet"
a diet for a glowing skin !!! can't wait to try it.

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